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Cat Boarding Tips

Cats have special needs, especially with anxiety and stress. Some may be very active and enjoy prowling/playing while others prefer quiet lounging. It is not unusual for a cat’s appetite to decrease while boarding. All cats have full access to the play area throughout the day. Their stay here is sure to feel like home away from home!

Helpful tips to make your cat’s stay with us more enjoyable:

Bringing some of your cat’s favourite things can provide extra security/comfort.
Please supply your cat’s preferred food and treats. Any surplus food will be returned to you.
Bringing your cat for a few visits prior to boarding allows them to become familiar with our facility and caregivers (by appointment only during business hours).


Your cat will undoubtedly be happy to see you after your vacation. Follow these few simple steps to ease their transition back to home and normal routines:

Allow them to re-familiarize and settle back into their surroundings.
Limit water and food for the first couple of hours so that your cat doesn’t have digestive upset.
A few ice cubes can tide them over until they settled back home.
It is natural that your cat will be tired; let them sleep off their holiday!
Re-establish home patterns by following their normal schedule
Keep your cat in the house for a few days before allowing him/her to roam outside.
They may need that “homey” adjustment period.