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Dog Boarding Tips

What to expect when you board your dog?

Boarding can be very stressful for you and your dog. It is not unusual for a dog’s appetite to decrease when boarding and possibly while in an unfamiliar/new environment. To reduce the impact of stress, we do everything possible to make your pet’s stay feel like home.


Helpful tips to make your dog’s stay with us more enjoyable:

  • Early morning arrival helps your pet to settle in to their new environment. Our caregivers monitor them throughout the day.
  • Limit your dog’s food so he isn’t car sick on the way here. This is not a nice way to start a holiday!
  • Give your dog a bathroom break before boarding. Courtesy poop bags and a waste receptacle are available at the front entrance to our building.
  • Most dogs like to hang out with others. Relax and let our professionals do the rest!
  • Bringing some of your dog’s favourite things can provide extra security/comfort.
  • Please supply your dog’s preferred food and treats. Any surplus food will be returned to you.
  • Bringing your dog for a few visits prior to boarding allows them to become familiar with our facility and caregivers (by appointment only during business hours).


Your pet will undoubtedly be happy to see you after your vacation.
Following these few simple steps to ease their transition back to home and normal routines.


Helpful tips to transition your pet into their regular routine:

  • Have a chew toy with treats in it for when your pet arrives back home.
  • Walk your dog and/or allow them access to their usual yard area.
  • Limit water and food for the first couple of hours so that your dog doesn’t make themselves sick. A few ice cubes can tide them over until they settle back home.
  • It is natural that Fido will be tired; let them sleep off their holiday!
  • Re-establish home routines.

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