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What To Bring

Things to bring with you

Pet’s collar and leash and/or cat carrier
Copies of up-to-date vaccinations (including Bordetella for dogs)
We do prefer that you bring the food and treats your dog/cat is used to. Please clearly mark containers as well as provide your own scoop with a marked line to indicate amount of food to be given. Keeping your pet’s routine diet will aid in maintaining their digestive system. Packing extra food/treats will ensure your pet has enough to eat for their duration. Should your pet not have enough food, we will provide our own high quality food at extra charge.
Please bring all vitamins, supplements or medications for your pet. We recommend you provide extra, just in case. Having extra on hand ensures there are no missed doses. Please label instructions on the containers with directions and vet’s phone number.
Bring any teddies or toys which may add a sense of comfort for your pet.
Please clearly label all items accompanying your pet during their stay.
If you choose to bring your pet’s own bed, blanket or kennel, please clearly label all items.


Please do not bring anything of value for your pet when visiting us.
Your blankets/beds/kennels and teddies/toys may be damaged or lost since other animals take advantage
of being away and sometimes are destructive with other’s belongings.

We are not liable for any loss or damage to your pet’s items.
If needed, we will wash your bedding, so please do not bring beds which could be damaged in the wash.